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Are BT Swimming Without Trunks?

Naked-Telephone-Systems-NetworkRunning a denationalised industry is not simple as Network Rail regularly proves. But have BT’s Openreach division just made a catastrophic decision that rewards shareholders but alienates customers by disrupting their telephone systems?

The management have decreed that lead times for business ISDN lines will extend to 6 and 8 weeks (for ISDN2 and ISDN30 respectively). These orders have traditionally taken 20 working days but even that was too long for businesses. They can’t survive without live telephone systems and several parties are enraged by the lack of consultation by the conglomerate.

There is a general love hate relationship with such utilities that impose unreasonable constraints on their users. Despite regulation by a governmental QUANGO they continue to hold what is close to a monopoly on physical delivery of telecommunications network access. A finite number of urban areas are connectable to alternates but the “lion share” only has Openreach’s wires to choose from.

Users-of-Telephone-Systems-VexedVendors of telephone systems are fuming and judge service to have evolved from poor to awful. Their feelings are heightened as they take the daily flack from clientele who blame them for the snail’s pace performance. The truth is that installers are frequently positioned to install equipment with a 7 day timeframe and managing directors expect the same from telcos.

Everyone understands why economising is wise in the current economic climate but it is unwise to dispose of key personnel that are essential to product provisioning. Indeed the move has dumbfounded the professionals in telecoms.

Les Prenton of Abbey Telecom says, “Buyers are questioning the sanity of this destructive pronouncement. When we explain where the fault lies there are heated comments, often with unsavoury language. They really are building up animosity and it may well bring them irreparable damage to their brand. These guys should wake up and smell the coffee. Their staffing is obviously inadequate to serve the demand.”

The Blackburn based maintenance firm encourages writing to your MP and complaining to;

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