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Be positive and write down accurate messages when using telephone systems

Jul 2011


You will have to take a message from someone if you cannot put them through to the person they want to speak to if that individual is already engaged on other telephone calls or unavailable.

Offer to transfer them to the individual’s Voice-Mail so they can leave a personal memo.  If they prefer not to, then listen attentively to what the caller has to say and note down the purpose of the call as he speaks. It is a good idea to use a headset and these are readily available and can be used with most telephone systems.

It is very sensible to confirm the details even if it means requesting them to spell their name. Write down the contact’s telephone number either by asking them or looking in the LCD at the caller’s CLI.  Ask them if this is the most convenient way to get in touch or would they have a preference for email contact. Then most importantly pass the information on to the recipient immediately utilising your telephone system’s voice mail functions. Request that the addressee rings back within the hour as this is what the client would appreciate.

If you work in a service department and you are in the middle of dealing with one problem which may involve writing a fault sheet or liaising with an engineer it is very easy to sound harassed. The customer will then quickly pick up on your non-verbal communication that is saying “I am really busy and wish you hadn’t interrupted me as I don’t need any more hassle just now!” 

Remember that if you decide to respond to your telephone calls there is nothing more important than that particular enquirer at that moment in time.  Give them your undivided attention!

The business phone systems that your company has invested in are assets.  Make the best use of all  Business Telephone Systems.


0 #1 Gemma 2011-08-01 21:37
I just have a few questions and maybe get more help. Some of our customers would want my boss to call them back and sometimes my boss can’t. So I have to call them back and let them know about it. They are really serious when they say they want to talk to my boss and not me or else they won’t continue the business or would provide negative feedback. How else can I do so that they will understand? What are my options?

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