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Communicate clearly with your client when using your Telephone System

Jul 2011


It is very important to be a clear communicator when you’re on the phone system. If you don’t communicate clearly then misunderstandings can occur and you do not gain the success you were hoping for.

When you are making a call remember that the end user does not know who you are when they answer the phone, so always identify yourself then find out who you are addressing with some simple questions such as “Am I in contact with the IT Manager”, or “Might I be speaking to the Human Resources department?” -  It is no good launching in to your presentation only to realise later that it is the receptionist or personal assistant (i.e. a gatekeeper) who has answered the ringing phone system.

After the initial greeting to your target caller give your name and that of the company that you are representing. It is best not to introduce your line of business, at this stage, as it can offer them an opportunity to say that they are not interested and put the telephone down before you have built the necessary rapport with them.  In fact by omitting the product and service you can spark their interest and keep them on the phone system for longer than you might otherwise achieve.  Being prepared beforehand you can ask their feelings on their latest mention in the local or national news or on their last annual financial statement.

To create a strong relationship and enhance your communications with the individual that you are calling one idea is to either speed up or slow down your speech so that it is similar to theirs. Subconsciously they will feel more comfortable if you do this.

Always use a system of positive words and phrases. I often hear the comment “not bad” when asked “how are you?”  These are both negative expressions. The correct reply is “very well, thank you.” Positivity really does help to get satisfactory results and increases opportunities for successful negotiations.


+1 #2 Jared 2011-08-01 21:49
Your site is oozing with tips! I like the whole concept and it would really help a lot of people. Please post more. I would be glad to share this site to my friends and family.
0 #1 Dorothy 2011-08-01 21:47

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