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Concentrate entirely on the call that you are taking on your telephone system

Jul 2011


This is vital. It is very easy for the incoming caller to hear computer keys tapping or papers rustling. They can tell if you are partly listening to them on your telephone call and half to someone else standing at your desk.  

The key then is not to answer if you are distracted or multi-tasking. This is because the person on the telephone call will instinctively feel that they are just an interruption and an annoyance rather than being the sole focus of your attention. 

What does this make them think about you and therefore the organisation? If you sound annoyed they will recognise this and start feeling irritated themselves. This is not what you want when you lift the handset on your telephone call.  

On the other hand if he or she has a complaint and is already angry before they pick up their receiver, if you come across as if you are fully engaged and happy to give them your full concentration it can often significantly reduce their level of anger.   

You must remember that the business telephone is another asset, not something that intrudes on your busy day.

Use it in the right way and it really will be beneficial to you and your company.


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