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Do not have anything in your mouth when answering telephone systems

Jul 2011

It is very important to have a good “telephone call etiquette” when responding to phone calls.

Do not be chewing gum or eating any sort of food when making or receiving a telephone call.

Let’s face it you would not go to a customer’s office with a sandwich or a bag of sweets in your hand. This would appear to be very disrespectful to the customer and could easily result in you losing business.

The same applies if you are on a telephone call. It is wrong to think that because the person cannot see you he (or she) is not aware that you are having a snack, etc. 
Apart from this your voice can sound muffled and then he/she fails to hear what you are saying. This is the way that misunderstandings can build up between you both on the telephone call which can lead to a loss of a sale or a dissatisfied purchaser.

If the unfortunate happens and you do have your mouth full when the telephone rings and no one else can take it – then answer it, but immediately apologise and ask for two seconds to swallow so you can speak clearly.  It will be appreciated by the caller at the other end of the telephone call.

Remember – that the office telephone and telephone systems in both small and large businesses are the key to success – make the best use of it always!


0 #1 Natalie 2011-08-01 21:50
Oh I hate it when someone answers the call and they are eating. That gives me an impression that they are busy doing something and I am interrupting them. So I hope that a lot of people could see this. I will make sure to share this site. Thanks!

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