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Have as much information about your target as possible when you approach people on your telephone System

Jul 2011


It is very important to have info about your customer at hand when you instigate a call on your telephone system. This can be advantageous as a client gets a very positive feeling on the other end of the line if you remember to ask them if they enjoyed their recent holiday for example. You are off to an excellent start. 

The best method of doing this is to employ a relational-database such as Act! that can be integrated into some keysystems. This enables you to have all the background knowledge in front of you on your PC screen when speaking to your clientele.  If they ring you the Calling-Line-Identity (CLI) is recognised and the records pop up on your computer.

Some modern VoIP systems will even allow you to use a webcam incorporated into the handsets so that you can see the other person live which makes your exchange very personal and interactive. This is akin to video conferencing which can be achieved in numerous ways.  

It is also a good idea to have a set of headphones so that you are free to take down relevant details either in writing or typed directly into the notes section of your database record when you are having a discussion with someone on the business telephone system. 

If you are calling for the first time and want to know about their business go on to their web site. This can be a great opportunity to make sure you sound knowledgeable when you open a conversation with them.  Examples: annual balance sheet from Companies House Press Releases in business magazines jobs being advertised indicated expansion plans while redundancy announcements should warn you that they are cutting back

search for pertinent data that gives you an edge!


0 #1 Bruce 2011-08-01 21:53
Thanks for this tip. I tried it earlier today and I must say it worked! My client enjoyed our conversation and this is a start of our good business relationship. I want to share this to my employees so they will be equipped with the knowledge and the same goal.

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