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Learn how to operate the features of telephone systems efficiently

Jul 2011


If you practise using the different buttons on your business telephone you will have much more confidence when you answer the telephone. It will also mean that you are less likely to make a mistake and either cut the caller off altogether or forward them wrongly. 

There are many types of telephone systems with various keys so it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the particular telephone system in your office. Some telephone systems automatically connect to the customer when you pick the receiver up, others may need you to press a line-key on the console before you can take the call.  

On most telephone systems you will have a volume control so that you can alter the level that is comfortable for you to receive calls. Also conversely you might be able to adjust the sound and ensuring that the client hears your voice comfortably too. 

Be sure that you know where the HOLD button is situated on your telephone so that you can place them on hold easily. Lastly be confident with the TRANSFER key so that that he/she gets put through to the correct extension with the minimum of delay. Sometimes screened transfers are preferable to unscreened Ė explain who the person is and what they want so they donít have to go through the whole rigmarole again!

These are the main basic functions on telephone systems. However there are lots of other facilities on modern telephone systems which can help you to impress the respondent with your efficiency. Familiarise yourself with them and give everyone a good experience that will leave them impressed with you and your company.

Using assets such as Office Phone Systems to the full is important to business success!


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