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Learn to handle calls that you would rather not make on your Telephone System

Jul 2011


It is so easy to put off making those connections on your telephone that you really prefer not to. This is particularly true when you work in an office environment where there are many distractions such as incoming enquiries and other jobs that you can be getting on with.

However here are a few tips that can help you to tackle this issue.

Before you leave for the day note down all the people you need to contact tomorrow with their telephone numbers and the reason for you contacting them. If you are trying to fix an appointment, for example, have some convenient times in mind and your diary at hand when you commence calling.  

As soon as you arrive in the morning pick up your telephone and begin working on your list. If you don’t do it straight away you will never start! Don’t replace the receiver on your handset between each call but disconnect with your finger then immediately dial the next person on your telephone system. OK sometimes you will have to make records if the conversation has been successful, so in these cases hang up while you do it – hopefully someone will field your inbound calls while you’re in this mode! 

It is a good idea to be hands-free when doing this so you can stand up, walk around and generally have a sense of feeling energised. You can also write down notes and book appointments with ease. These days most modern telephone systems can be easily fitted with wireless head phones to suit your particular requirements resulting in increased efficiency.

So don’t procrastinate – get a grip on the difficult tasks and do them – you will feel better for having "grasped the nettle" – especially when you’ve made a success of it.  If you didn’t handle any well, listen to a recording of the conversations with your supervisor to see if they can suggest ways of improving your technique with open or closed questions.  Sometimes it is useful to role play with other members of your team – practice helps you identify sticky situations and how to avoid them.

Never forget that your Business phones and Office Telephone Systems are assets - so use them effectively!


0 #1 Jenie 2011-08-01 21:54
This is a nice article! I can feel the positive energy it conveys. Getting a feedback from your supervisor will really help to enhance your ability. Congratulations on your site, you are doing a great job!

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