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Make your telephone systems greeting sincere and reasonably brief

Jul 2011


When you answer any telephone call always keep your salutation fairly short. This does not mean that you have to rush through it so that the customer does not catch the important information that you are trying to convey. However make sure that they do not feel that you are wasting their time with overlong and complex sentences that in any event often sound insincere on the other end of the telephone call. 

As a receptionist or prime answerer you probably hate saying it and try and gabble it out very quickly. This will be obvious to the instigator of the telephone call. In fact it is not very professional to have an introduction that is too long as it can be very difficult for the person who answers the telephone call to execute it properly. Also if the client is one who regularly rings you up it can become really annoying if they have to listen at length on each occasion they call your operation.  

We must remember therefore that the opening words are a very significant part of doing business. Itís like the ten second rule of making an impression in an interview. Be successful!

You can achieve this by being pleasant to customers; by keeping your message simple; using the correct format at all times and by being concise on your telephone call.

Treat every caller as though they were the only one you are going to speak to today.  

Use Telephone Systems as assets.


0 #1 June 2011-08-01 21:32
I like how you put videos on the articles and let your reader really give their full attention. I am thankful that I got to visit this site. I am applying for a receptionist post and this would really help me a lot. I will love to share this to my friends.

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