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Smile at Your Telephone System

Jul 2011


There are plenty of theories about the outward effects of smiling when you are talking face-to-face with someone. That show of teeth and those upturned lips are heart-warming to the eye. It lightens things up a little and achieves a better rapport overall.  When a person answers telephone calls and barks “YES” – do you think they are grinning?  Certainly not! 

But are smiles audible? Well, research shows that there is a considerable impact when this technique is put to use on telephone calls. It promotes enthusiasm and that is infectious. It results in a clearer voice and that has to be useful when negotiating extra income for your firm.  

There are many American sales organisations that boast of improvements with both these ideas as well as standing up when tele-selling. There is some argument about oratory projection being correlated to a fully expanded diaphragm.

To summarise: Establish a ritual when you are using telephone systems to make those outbound selling and service calls.
A good method is to sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, take a deep breath - and smile!

Whatever you do be happy and sound cheerful on your telephone calls. It pays dividends.


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