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Sound happy, cheerful and welcoming when answering Telephone Systems

Jul 2011

Your voice can be the only impression that the customer will take away with them, when you answer the telephone call.

In fact in today’s way of doing business it is more than likely that the only “live” contact they will have with your operation is over the phone. You and the telephone call really do become the only representative to them. 

Your tone on the telephone call reflects the mood that you are in when you respond to the ringing telephone even though you might not be aware of it. Think about it! Have you ever responded on the telephone to a friend and the first thing they say is “what’s wrong with you today?” They can immediately tell from your vocal timbre that you were not “on song”.

Similarly a professional person will have just the same experience. They will instinctively be able to recognise that you are keen to speak to them and help them with their enquiry, or not, as the case may be when you reply to the telephone call.  

So in conclusion you need to make sure that your initial greeting on any telephone call is warm and genuine to them. He/she is hoping for a response that makes them feel secure with you. They desire sincerity and true warmth. Remember it takes a minimal amount of time for the client to have a quick reaction so the tonality you use when you initially say Good Morning/Afternoon could not be more important.

Your Telephone Systems are assets.  Make the most out of them.


0 #1 Vince 2011-08-01 21:35
Wow this article said it all. Congratulations ! A lot of people should be checking your site because this is so informative and you can really apply it on your daily lives. Nowadays, people can contact you right away wherever they are, so be ready with a smiling tone.

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