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Sound natural when making a telemarketing call on your Telephone System

Jul 2011


It can be very easy for someone on the telephone system to spot a sales or marketing approach being made to them. Sometimes a giveaway can be merely the way they begin speaking: usually too quickly and fumbling through their script. This inevitably can be a complete turnoff to the individual on the end of the line.

Try and be relaxed yet professional and avoid putting off the gatekeepers and assistants of those who you want to speak to. They really do try to protect their bosses from unwanted phone calls – you have to convince them that their boss should talk to you as you have something worthwhile to say.

Learn to sound as if you are not selling at all.  To do this takes real skill. You have to be friendly without being false, and politeness is essential to this aim. Words such as “please” and “thank you” are key and can make all the difference when trying to connect with a client.

When the person answers your telephone calls, introduce yourself.  It is sensible not just go into sales-pitch mode as they will be eager to terminate the discussion because they will feel that you are delivering the company’s brochure rather than catering to their requirements. Chat about the weather or news that affects them first – briefly – then get down to business – find out their needs (LISTEN) then match your responses to each requirement.  Don’t sell what they don’t require – that ends telephone calls prematurely (for you).

But above all – be natural – be yourself – that’s who they are talking to.

Never forget that  your phone system and the businesses' phones  are assets, so utilise them to full effect.


0 #1 Lesley 2011-08-02 14:08
This article made my day! My boss told me to call a client and offer our services. I was hesitant at first since I have no sales background. I searched on your site and this article is heaven sent! Thank you for posting and I hope you can post more about telemarketing calls.

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