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Use good techniques when you are putting the customer on hold on telephone systems

Jul 2011


This can be a real minefield for you when you answer your telephone system.


Callers tend to be busy people. Some of them have senior positions so believe they should not be kept waiting. Also it can be very frustrating for them if they think they have been forgotten.  

It is better therefore to ask permission before allowing a client to be placed in a queue: You could say for example: “The person you want to speak to is engaged at the moment. Would you care to wait for one minute?"  If they agree then they will not mind so much as they have made the choice.

It is still vital to go back to them regularly and give them the option to ring later or to leave a message. This is very simple to do on a telephone system.  Sometimes there will be music-on-hold or more information about your business.  Nothing is worse for the caller than absolute silence – they can perceive that they have been cut-off.  If they are a sales prospect then they will inevitably find someone else – a lost sale – potentially!

Most clients will thank you when you transfer them on your telephone system so a really nice touch is to acknowledge this by responding with “it’s a pleasure” so that they feel important.

On some telephone systems there are a variety of ways to place a call on hold – OPEN or EXCLUSIVE HOLD – understand which is most appropriate in the particular situation – also know that if they have been left too long – will the telephone system provide a reminder to you?  Find out!


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