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Jul 2011


The standard salutation on answering your telephone is something that your business has decided upon and it is part of the branding of the company.

Every person in the office whether they normally answer the telephone system calls or not should respond to the incoming callers in the same basic format.

Consistency is everything when it comes to creating a brand for your firm. It also helps any new starters to understand what is required of them. It assists employees in having a clear direction for imparting your image to the businesses that interface with you via telephony. In most commercial organisations the telephone system is the main entrance and you are the gatekeepers.

The most used reply is: A welcome: This can be good morning/afternoon/evening.

Secondly clearly state the title of the organisation. This stops any misunderstandings when someone has dialled a wrong number.

Thirdly give your own name. It results in the caller getting a nice feeling if they know who they are talking to. For example “Hello, Abbey telecom Telephone Systems, Joyce speaking.”

You can then ask the customer how you can help them. This is a strong positive and cooperative statement to make and this is the start of your listening after which it should assist you to dominate the dialogue.

By adopting this simple and standardised approach it means that you will never be tempted into an unprofessional remark such as “Hiya!” when responding.  Uniformity is crucial to putting your customer’s minds at rest. It’s not rocket science that it is prudent to echo the behaviour of the UK’s conglomerates. Corporations research the effects of such things to death but we smaller firms have the opportunity to cherry-pick the best of these to implement.

If you regularly use your telephone system in this way - engaging a pleasant tone of voice - then you can immediately create a very progressive impression.
We can’t teach you pleasantness but if you are struggling then try smiling before picking up your handsets. 90% of all communication is non-verbal and somehow they will be able to smell your smile subliminally.

It can be an excellent idea to practise this technique with your colleagues so you become very confident when you pick up the handset. Perfection will follow as a result of familiarity with your chosen process.

Be effective – let your telephone system work for you by sticking to your own policy. 

Be aware that your telephone system is an asset if utilised professionally. 

Treat everyone as if they were the first of the day! It makes them feel special


0 #2 Apple 2011-08-01 21:42
I always tell this to my teammates. Smiling would greatly impact the flow of conversation. This is also a good way to open the call just like talking to a friend. The caller will feel at ease plus you can start building rapport.
0 #1 Vicky 2011-08-01 21:41

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